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Let us worry about the planning process.

Planning laws and requirements can be complex. Plus they are often changing. 

To give you piece of mind, as part of our architectural services, NU Concepts does a full search on recent planning applications submitted to your local authority. This will identify any potential problems. 

We also make sure that your plans meet all the relevant legislation before we submit them for approval. 

But bear in mind …

Although we will manage the planning side for you, when thinking about any building work, you should consider the following points:

Some types of building work are covered under Permitted Development Rights. Please see our section on Permitted Development below for further information. 

Building projects will require building regulations. Even projects which are covered under Permitted Development. 

Some projects require additional approvals. For example, if your home is a listed building, or if endangered wildlife (e.g. bats) are present on the site, additional planning requirements may apply. 

We can talk you through all these considerations and will work with you to get the approvals you need. 

To discuss any planning queries or requirements, please contact NU Concepts by calling 01925 648 585.

Planning approval

Understanding whether you need planning approval for your project is a complicated process. 

NU Concepts can work with you to understand your needs and can apply for the correct planning permission on your behalf. 

To find out more about planning permission requirements, the planning portal website is full of lots of useful information.

In particular, there are handy interactive houses on the site which are designed to help you understand when you need planning permission.  

We would, however, strongly suggest you seek professional advice before starting any work. If you do have questions, then we’d be more than happy to help. Please contact NU Concepts on 01925 648 585.


Permitted Development

The Permitted Development Scheme allows you to carry out certain building works on your home without having to apply for planning permission.

There are a number of things you can do under this scheme. For example, you can extend a semi-detached house by 3 metres at the rear, or a detached house by 4 metres at the rear. 

However, there are some exceptions to permitted development rights, as well as the possibility you’ll need other approvals. It is, therefore, still best to check with your local council or discuss your project with a specialist, like NU Concepts, before starting any building work. 

The following site has details of the guidelines around permitted developments:

Permitted development exceptions

As mentioned above, there are some exceptions to permitted development rights. If your project falls within one of these exceptions, then you will need to apply for formal planning permission. 

For example, in certain areas of the country permitted development rights have been removed. This means planning permission is required for changes that would normally be allowed under the scheme. 

Lawful development certificates

You don’t need your local council’s permission to carry out work covered under permitted development rights. 

However, we always advice that you should submit the drawings and get a certificate of Lawful Development Certificate. This is to avoid any doubt, at a later date, of the building’s planning status. It will also come in useful if selling your house in the future. 

Building Regulations

Building projects will require building regulations approval, regardless of whether it is being built under permitted development rights. This is not the same as obtaining planning permission. 

Building regulations set out minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to most buildings in the UK. Further information on building regulations can be found in the building control section of the planning portal website. 

As part of our service, NU Concepts produces full building regulation approved drawings for your builders to work with.

To discuss your requirements, please give NU Concepts a call on 01925 648 585.

Other types of approval you may need

In addition to considerations around planning and building regulations approval, additional types of consent may be required under other development schemes. For example* if your project involves any of the following, you may need additional permissions. 

  • Work which will affect protected trees
  • Changes to a listed building
  • Work near, or impacting, hazardous substances
  • Endangered wildlife (e.g. bats) present on the site

For further information on additional types of approval, please speak to us at NU Concepts, or visit

*Please note this list is by no means exhaustive.