Architectural & Design

Making your property more

Making the best use of your space

Unlike residential properties, commercial properties should be designed to maximise your profit. This means getting the most out of every inch (or centimetre) of space.

We will bring our architectural expertise to improve the way your clients, tenants or employees use and engage with your building.

We will design every aspect of your building, so it works hard every day for you, bringing you greater productivity and greater profit.

Our experience

NU Concepts has plenty of experience tackling challenging commercial projects throughout the UK, including:

  • Hotel refurbishment and expansions
  • Restaurant design
  • Building conversion
  • Adding utilities
  • Extensions and refurbishments
  • New builds
  • Large-scale internal works

Let us help you through the whole process

We can handle everything from the initial designs and draughting, through to planning applications and building management. This means NU Concepts will take the strain of your project, leaving you free to concentrate on the ongoing success of your business.

Our commercial architectural services begin with a free, no obligation consultation. If you call NU Concepts now on 01925 648 585, we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Hotel Projects

We want every space in your hotel to work hard for you. So, we work with hotel owners to rethink how to structure and configure their buildings to use dead space in the best way possible. Often, we can rework the space to increase occupancy, meaning more profit for you. Or we can add additional facilities to the building such as space for a gym or a larger restaurant. 

Understanding your overall business aims, challenges and values is key to designing changes which will work for your business. Before drawing up any plans, we discuss these in detail. Then we get drawing. 

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HMO Projects

Changes to HMO properties are often carried out to increase the number of occupants who can comfortably live there.

Usually, there are lots of ways to re-design the building and create extra rooms to bring you more revenue. 

We will work closely with you to understand what your needs are. Then we will re-imagine the existing space to bring you a building which works better for you, your tenants, and, of course, your business!

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Starting your Project

Start your project now by calling 01925 648 585 to arrange a free no-obligation consultation meeting.