Architectural & Design

Small extension and kitchen replacement

Project Type: Residential

Changes: Small extension and kitchen replacement

Client: Andy Stag


Andy’s parents had just moved into a new property near Plymouth. And it needed some work. As well as a kitchen replacement, they wanted a small extension to give them some extra space.

Why NU Concepts?

Andy had already been introduced to Vishal and liked him and his approach. 

How NU Concepts helped 

Initially Andy’s parents wanted just a couple of metres at the back of the house. However, after visiting the property and talking to Andy’s parents about what they wanted to get out of the project, Vishal suggested that they should make the extension slightly bigger. He explained that this would mean they could maximise the work for the amount of money they would be spending. Although this meant a bigger project, Vishal brought the vision to life and helped Andy’s parents see that taking on such a project would be worth the relatively short period of disruption.

Andy felt that he and his parents were kept regularly updated on progress and received a very personal service.  


Andy and his parents were really pleased with the work done by NU Concepts. As an architectural practitioner, Vishal saw the possibilities of the space. He was able to create a light and open kitchen-dining area, which they’re looking forward to making the most of during family gatherings.