Architectural & Design

Single story extension, Rear extension & Loft conversion

Project Type: Residential

Changes: Single story extension, rear extension and loft conversion

Client: Armaan Chohan (The Property Investment Club)


Because of his work with the The Property Investment Club, Armaan is always on the look-out for good architectural service companies to work with. He was referred to NU Concepts by a developer he knows, and they have since worked together successfully on several residential projects. The project at Moss Lane, Altrincham, was a building Armaan wanted to develop and sell as a residential property. 

Why NU Concepts?

Armaan chose to work with NU Concepts because, from past experience, he knew that we are able to work quickly, have a lot of experience, and can deliver planning on residential sites. In addition, NU Concepts offers a flexible approach, particularly if there are amendments or there is a change in brief.

How NU Concepts helped 

Vishal worked closely with Armaan and his team, attending site as required and giving his honest opinion on what Armaan could do with the property. He also highlighted any issues that might arise at each stage of the project. 

During the design stage, Vishal provided technical advice and used his experience to offer different perspectives, always with great attention to detail. For example, Vishal made amendments to the suggested design to stop space being lost with the doorways and make better use of the space above the stairs. Vishal’s ideas have meant that Armaan and his team can implement similar designs for other properties. 

As with other projects, Vishal worked within the project budget, and recommended contractors, when needed, to keep the project running smoothly. 

 “Projects are seen through from start to finish. When the council’s decision deadline approaches, Vishal is chasing them up unprompted and monitoring this on my behalf, meaning I’m able to focus on other parts of the project.” Armaan Chohan, client


Armaan has been greatly impressed with the work from NU Concepts and has received great feedback on the property in terms of layout and design.