Architectural & Design

House of Multiple Occupancy

Project Type: Commercial

Changes: Small extension and internal remodelling of a residential property

Client: Armando Coletta, Managing Director, Homige


Armando wanted to convert a single-family residential property in Newton-le-willows into an HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) as a commercial business. This would involve extension work and some internal remodelling to turn the two-bedroom dilapidated family house into a four-bedroom HMO.

Why NU Concepts?

A friend introduced Armando to Vishal, from NU Concepts, at a networking event. As well as being quick to understand his requirements, he liked the way Vishal came up with innovative ideas and explained his designs in plain language.

Because Armando was relatively new to property development, he was looking for someone he could trust to be honest, as well as imaginative. And Vishal fitted perfectly.

How NU Concepts helped 

Vishal brought a lot of insight, suggestions and direction to the project. And he did it in way that helped Armando make decisions. For example, Vishal proposed en suites for every bedroom, something that Armando hadn’t previously considered.

He also supported building a small kitchen extension at the back, despite the builders questioning whether it would be worth the work – the extension would only be approximately six-to-seven feet by three-to-four feet. However, after it had been done, it had a really significant impact. It gave the room a wow factor and the builders agreed it had been the right thing to do.

As well as suggesting design improvements, Armando found that Vishal was a good communicator and was great at getting individuals to work together. In particular, his diplomatic nature helped find solutions to differences of opinion between others involved in the project.


The project was a complete success, and the property now has a wow factor thanks to Vishal’s designs. This means good quality tenants are keen to live there, making Armando’s life as a landlord much easier.

Armando enjoyed working with Vishal so much that we are now doing another project together in Liverpool. This time it is a five-bed property which will be turned into an eight-bed HMO.