Architectural & Design

Conversion of bungalow into 2-story house

Project Type: Residential

Changes: Conversion of bungalow into 2-story house, with large loft extension.

Client: Steve Smith


The Smith’s had a bungalow which they wanted to turn into a family home by adding 3 additional bedrooms. To do this, they needed to remodel the ground floor, add a second story and convert the loft.

This was a sizeable project and as they hadn’t done a big renovation project like this before, they were, understandably, a little nervous. 

Why NU Concepts?

NU Concepts was recommended by one of the building contractors Steve had been talking to about the extension. He’d met with a couple of other potential architects, but Vishal, from NU Concepts, discussed the project with much more enthusiasm than the others. 

Essentially, they chose Vishal, and NU Concepts, because he had a genuine interest in creating something they would love. Plus, they liked his approach straight away as he had explained everything clearly and given them several options and ideas without pressuring them into anything.

How NU Concepts helped 

Initially, Steve had some well-developed ideas about the project. However, Vishal was able to show Steve that the property had further potential, and Steve really liked his suggestions. In addition, Vishal covered areas Steve hadn’t even considered, such as where the Smith’s wanted lights, windows and storage space positioned. Vishal also got Steve to think about who the room being created in the loft was designed for, to make sure it was built with the right ceiling height. 

“His ideas added value and Vishal was very accommodating, arranging visits to the property or phone calls at times to suit me.” Steve Smith, Client

During the project Steve found Vishal to be very reliable, and they developed a great working relationship. Vishal kept Steve up to date and feeling involved at all stages of the project, which helped reassure Steve during this large renovation project.


As planned, the ground floor was remodelled, an additional story created, and a large loft conversion completed. This gave the Smith’s the 3 extra bedrooms they needed. 

The Smiths are really pleased with the finished product, and they’ve now got a family home which they love living in.